Founded in 1991, the studio initially concentrated entirely on glass home products, made with local means and shipped all over Europe. In 1998 it moved into the area of architecture and interior projects, leading to creating in 2016 a new entity focused on integrated architecture and industrial design services. For each project we address local creative people in order to assemble multi disciplinary structures specially created to meet the client needs. This way we gather the expertise needed to address issues in a variety of ways, leading to an open and effective creative approach. STUDIO AEK  offers full-service support to companies, entrepreneurs and NGO’s in reaching innovation through products, space and environment.



Our main goals are to give meaning and identity to work and living spaces, to respect architectural history and to improve people’s lives through Human centered solutions.


Our experience in working with design agencies and in-house departments justify our approach in reaching substantial results.


We constantly improve our design methods, tools and strategy and we are open in sharing that with you.


We support causes with impact. Through volunteer work, activism and civic involvement we bring our contribution to the welfare of our environment.

Our expertise includes:

  • Architectural design – creating quality and giving meaning and identity to work and living spaces.
  • Product design for major companies – imagining and creating the products of the future.
  • Start-ups – teaming up for developing the products of tomorrow.
  • Brand identity and graphic design –  supporting or crating brands to reach their highest potential.
  • Urban design – enhance and brighten people’s lives.
  • Design education and Design Thinking workshops – learning, experimenting, teaching
  • Civic Involvement – support causes through our professional skills



Engaging with the client’s business, meeting the people who support it and highlight your goals interests and ambitions.
  • Understanding your brand landscape
  • Analysis report
  • Evaluation of growth
  • Extended design specification
  • Product roadmap
  • Process proposal
  • Project set-up


Research is the important step which sets the base for the whole design process.
  • Workshops
  • Formulation of problems
  • Usage scenarios and sketches
  • Preliminary design and 3D modelling
  • Technical approach to costings


Examination of the technical, ergonomic and sensory aspects combined with a deep-seated knowledge of the language of forms and signs. This step is about ideation and conceptualisation.
  • 3D modelling
  • Sketching/Illustrations
  • Problem solving
  • User testing
  • Structural definition
  • Engineering design
  • Interface design
  • Spatial modelling
  • Collaboration with design offices


Prototyping and identification of the best possible industrial tools and processes.
  • Definition of industrialisation strategy
  • Optimisation of production tools
  • Definition of lead-times and programming
  • Final development
  • Prototyping




Andreea Irimia

Graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism, she collaborated with important architectural offices throughout Europe. Her soul project remains until this moment her diploma work, with which she has participated in numerous exhibitions and obtained the appreciation of an international jury. Andreea is an organized and initiative spirit and she places great emphasis on the pre-project stages, which she follows closely to achieve an optimal outcome.

Industrial Designer

Bogdan Ioniţă

Graduate of the Interior Design Faculty of the Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism, he studied Advanced Product Design MA at Umeå Institute of Design, continuing working in Germany where he gained extensive experience in industrial design. During the design process, Bogdan prototypes different design methods that he also applies to social projects through civic involvement. His experience, the patents and accomplished projects, along with the skills of a good educator, qualifies him in his work and in the title of university assistant which he currently occupies as a doctoral student.